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What innovation means for ARVAL

As stated in our VISION, we believe in the power of technology, innovation and authenticity. But what does that mean in concrete terms for the topic of INNOVATION?

The cosmetics market has been in a constant state of flux for many years. Recent events, coupled with the realisation that sustainability is not a ‘trend’ but a ‘necessity’, are lending additional impetus to change.

For our partners, i.e. brands of international renown, this means that they have to take a critical look at their practices and find new solutions. It is not enough to launch new products enriched with new active concepts. The issue is that of sustainability and so it concerns the ‘inner values’. Products have to be reinvented from scratch, which requires careful basic research.


New, more sustainable basic ‘scaffolds’ for formulations need to be developed for each product category (cleansers, toners, creams, oils, sunscreens, etc.), for each product type (cleansing milk, cleansing oil, cleansing gel, etc.).
At Laboratoires Biologiques ARVAL, we have responded not only by evaluating and testing a host of new active and auxiliary substances, but have also developed an entire catalogue of almost 100 scaffolds, for around 50 different product types.

In order to test these basic formulations and achieve the necessary consistency in development – especially with regard to stability and sensory aspects – we have upgraded our technology and also responded in terms of personnel. A new department has been created – the “Analytical Development Department”. It supports our developers with rapid tests of the new basics with regard to stability and sensor technology.


Using IT-supported rheology analysis and individually interpreted laser diffraction analysis, our engineers obtain very quick results and can appraise the suitability of new systems and materials more rapidly and, above all, more precisely.

We call this “RAPID PROTOTYPING IN COSMETICS” and it helps us to meet the new requirements more swiftly. Of course, this technology does not replace standardised stability testing of fully developed preparations, but it does speed up basic research by months or even years.

Fortunately, the entire cosmetics industry – and with it the supplier industry – is committed to developing new, more sustainable fundamentals; a real euphoria has arisen in this regard. We are pleased about this and are implementing it proactively.


Do you already have products on the market and are not sure if they meet the needs of tomorrow’s consumers?

Are you planning to launch new products but don’t yet know what matters most?

Contact us – we won’t leave you out in the cold, but will be there to support you with all the expertise at our disposal.

Stay innovative with

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