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ARVAL says goodbye to its oil heating

Laboratoires Biologiques ARVAL SA has said goodbye to its oil heating system, as decided as part of the sustainability strategy launched in 2021.

In June 2023, the company's oil heating system was decommissioned and removed. The premises will be repurposed, and the heating centralized. This consistent step follows the installation of solar panels on all the company's buildings in 2022 as the second stage of the sustainability strategy.

As early as 2023, the company will produce more electricity with the solar plant than is consumed in total (oil, gas and electricity added together).

From June 2023, the company will consume a mix of self-produced electricity and gas from the grid. This mix is necessary to enable the transition to completely CO2-free production in the coming years.

In addition to the "lighthouse project" of solar production, the Sustainability Commission, which was established in 2021, has implemented other, smaller projects. For example, all disposable cups in the house have been replaced by reusable cups, coffee is freshly ground, thus eliminating capsules. Waste management has also been improved.

But the company's greatest effort is in its own product development, which optimizes new formulas for customers with sustainability in mind and makes a valuable contribution to sustainable products. This is a topic that increasingly concerns all brand customers and partners.

From 2023, ARVAL will provide its customers with an annual analysis of the respective eco-footprint, which analyzes the energy and water consumption for production - based on the customer's production. This provides partner-customers with information about their own CO2 footprint in production and enables them to determine what the valuable work of the Sustainability Commission of Laboratoires Biologiques ARVAL SA actually brings.

The ARVALISTS not only see the measures taken as a sensible thrust for the company itself, but also hope that partner customers and suppliers will take up this thrust and follow it themselves. For a better future for all of us.

Or as it is written in our company vision:

At ARVAL, we believe in the power of technology, innovation and authenticity, and we are convinced that with our attitude and commitment we can sustainably improve the life and health of people and the planet.

Laboratoires Biologiques ARVAL SA

Thomas Früh, Directeur Général


ARVAL is also preparing for the future on an organisational level On 11 April 2023, the owner family (Luca Mazzoleni) of ARVAL Biological Laboratories SA in Conthey elected two new members to the Boar


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