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Swiss Manufacturing Survey 2023

THE WINNER IS KOMAX AG... but ARVAL is in the top five of Switzerland as well !

Swiss Manufacturing Survey 2023, Award

The Institute of Technology Management ranked al 379 participants of the Swiss

Manufacturing Survey 2023 based on quantitative and qualitative criteria in the dimensions of innovation & capacity expansion, performance improvement, innovation and sustainability efforts from 2022 to 2023. A jury selected the winner from the Top 5 after conducting additional interviews.

Laboratoires Biologiques ARVAL SA is ranked in the top five of the survey and has attracted

positive attention above all for its achievements in the area of sustainability and in the

consistent implementation of modernization and digitalization in the Swiss site.

We are delighted to receive this award and are grateful for the appreciation of our efforts in

line with our vision:

At ARVAL, we believe in the power of technology, innovation and authenticity, and we are convinced that with our attitude and commitment we can sustainably improve the lives and health of people and the planet.

We would like to thank the Institute for its work in connection with the Swiss Manufacturing

Survey and wish all participants every success in shaping Switzerland as a manufacturing


Laboratoires Biologiques ARVAL SA

Thomas Früh, Directeur Général


ARVAL is also preparing for the future on an organisational level On 11 April 2023, the owner family (Luca Mazzoleni) of ARVAL Biological Laboratories SA in Conthey elected two new members to the Boar


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